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The Darts Scorer is a unique Excel match scoring and training aid that not only offers users the chance to score their darts matches (providing a wide range of statistics) but also uniquely allows them to compete against a computer player with varying degrees of difficulty at both straight darts and darts-cricket.

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The Darts Scorer
The Darts Scorer

"...I found your site whilst looking for an electronic darts scorer and as it turned out this was both a cheaper and better alternative, cheers for saving me a lot of money." - Brighto73

"Always wanted to get a handle on how I am practicing and this has really helped-Thanks" - Tony R

"A great excel spreadsheet, Cheers." - john9darts

"Finally a product to prove I have a more consistent average than my friends. :-)  Computer player feature really helps" - Jeff

"I have noticed my matches against the computer  get closer and closer that proves that I am definately improving and doing so under a bit of pressure..." - Chrismufc

"Great product, love it and cheap" - John

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